about - Mulieris magazine
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Our aim

Our magazine is a quarterly magazine based in Italy focusing on a specific topic each time, the
artists submitting their projects must follow the current theme you’ll find on our “next theme”
session, there’s no limit of pictures, it can either be a series or a single piece as long as it follows
the theme, the selected artists will be published both on our online magazine and on the printed
Every type of art is welcomed, photography, video, sculpture, installation, anything.
Everything on our magazine is created by women.
We want to give a free space to female artists to discuss all kind of matters, not only the ones
related to female issues but every kind of topic.
We want to explore these topics with a female point of view.
We want to unite different artists and bring together different projects into one single magazine.

Greta Langianni

Founder, director, curator, photographer

website: www.gretalangianni.it

instagram: @gretafutura

Alice Arcangeli

Director, curator, illustrator

instagram: @sbrb_is_aliche

Sara Lorusso

Director, curator, photographer

website: https://saralorusso.com/

instagram: @loruponyo