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Production & Creative Direction


“What is beauty nowadays?

Beauty is freedom.

Because something beautiful is free from judgment, it’s free from the eyes who look at it, it just is.

Something that’s free in its natural form, it doesn’t have a shape, it chooses its own form and sense, it can be seen but it also be felt and touched, it’s free from restrictions, it just exists, shaping itself.

That’s what beauty is, a free expression of ourselves in our own way.”

We partnered up with Adesso Beauty, a beauty brand created by three sisters stating: “Being beautiful is a mix of care, attitude and expression. We have created the essentials of a beauty routine, to give every woman more time to live a fulfilled life. Remember that time is a precious resource, cherish it adesso [now]."


When I was a young girl my mother always told me that I was beautiful. At that time I didn’t get what she meant when she said that I was beautiful. I never really felt enough or perfect. Growth helped me realize how this world thinks. A society where the imperfections are defined by us. But what is the imperfection? What is perfection? I don’t know. 

What I know is that people judge the outside of our person. In my past I struggled with myself a lot because I thought I needed to satisfy everyone only with superficiality. Till now a lot of people were focused with their beauty that is shown on the outside. All the magazines nowadays write about you how you can lose weight within three days, how you have to take care of yourself and how you can age and still have a young face. They are a help in maintaining oneself but then every one of us needs to realize that all this is only part of beauty. The most important thing is forgotten. And it is precisely to see the person as he/she is. The heart and pure beauty, all natural with all the defects. We are all different, and we all have one thing in common anyway. We are caught up in things that make us lose ourselves instead of trying to find our personality: Our very own. And to like ourselves and not think we have to please others to be sure that we are beautiful. 

We know that beauty has to be cured in the end, but it should all start inside: Accept yourself, and understand what you want to improve. To be able to show who we really are. After all, we all have a surviving past and a future that is still uncertain. The thing that matters is to appreciate that the present can help us to be ourselves and to discover that beauty exists in all things. We are all beautiful. Beauty was created by us and it is now time that we should redefine it. We will never be happy if we don't begin to accept ourselves. Then our beauty will show itself. True beauty: Being happy and living your life with the mind that we are already perfect and that we define imperfection. Each on his own.



Society convinces us, from a very young age, that if we were not born "conventionally beautiful" we must look for external ways to fix it or external validation. Understanding my beauty - still a work in progress, by the way - meant shifting the perspective from an external to an internal point of view. I believe that we all become naturally beautiful when we accept our uniqueness, when we find our purpose, therefore when we FEEL good on the inside. Ultimately we'll just radiate beauty.



Beauty to me is not a matter of form or standardized appearance. Beauty is the ability to see beyond and understand, accept and embrace diversity. It takes courage to define as beautiful something unconventional, but at the end of the day a different perspective opens the world to possibilities, which is something we need in order to properly see, rather than just look. I’m in love with those challenging the beauty world by proposing something new and different. it's simple a logic: change = evolution.



In my opinion beauty is variety and objectivity.

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