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Building yourself from your background


Photography by KASIA RUCINSKA

Talent MÆ 

Words by Greta Futura

Mua Charli Avery

Styling Nyle Amin

_H8A1148 (1).jpeg

Asymmetric dress: Stolen Stores
Tie: stylist own (Zara)
Hairpin (as tie clip): XHENXHEN Jewellery

Hi Mæhem, if you could introduce yourself to us in a sentence what would it be?

I'm just an artist trying to find confidence and peace, u should join me!


This is your first single, what was the process that led you to the final result?

Deleting and hiding a lot of music for a year and a half until I finally realised it was worth releasing. 


How did that process feel for you?

Freeing after a while. I realised that you can make music and most people aren’t going to hate you or bring you down over it. I was terrified of having no support at all in this project but people have been really nice so far!

_H8A1198 (1).jpeg

Tunic: Vivienne Westwood 
Necklace: SAAD Collection
Socks: Adidas
Shoes: Pleiades
Circular ring: XHENXHEN
Chain ring: LAG WORLD

In what ways does your career in the fashion industry influence your work as a musician? 

I’m lucky that music and fashion mash together so well. My experience in fashion has influenced my styling and casting for music videos, the type of music I make, the vibe and lyrical content of my songs, everything! I wouldn’t be in a position to create a production like “DOVE” with a music video if I wasn’t a model. It would still just be a concept.


And did the perception and use of your own image change through music?

As I’ve started making music properly I’m coming to the realisation that having an art form is so powerful. As a model you sometimes end up just seeing yourself as a canvas because that’s how some people see you. As soon as you have an art form like music you can take your career and  personal agency into your own hands instead of being a living mannequin as your only form of creativity. I used to see myself as a product and now I see myself as a growing force. Don’t get me wrong I love being a model but music is giving me so much confidence at the moment.

_H8A1073 (1).jpeg
_H8A1126 (1).jpeg

Coat: stylist own (asos design)
Top: Palomo Spain
Body chain: Oma The Label
Tights: stylist own (calzedonia)
Shoes: Pleiades 

What is the main feeling that led you to write “DOVE”?

I wanted to write something that felt affirming to myself as a creative and to other artists who are also struggling to see themselves as mattering or important in the industry. “DOVE” reflects on building yourself from your background (whatever that may be) and on struggles around making yourself into the thing you dream of being. 


What are your next projects?

I’m releasing at least another single and an EP in 2023. I just want to see how far I can take it with both modelling and music.

_H8A1282 (1).jpeg

Top: stylist own (asos)

Gown: Millia London

Shoes: pleiades

_H8A1263 (1).jpeg
_H8A1154 (1).jpeg
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