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Issue-Female Masturbation

1- Female masturbation

“Know yourself “

Knowing ourselves means being aware of who exactly is that person who, faithfully, comes to bed with us every night.
By knowing ourselves we get the chance to show to the others what we appreciate the most, knowing ourselves means being aware of what we hate and what makes us happy.

Male masturbation has always been shown in films, tv shows, books and any other form of art as a necessity, the necessity of a human being who during adolescence discovers himself, knows himself and eventually frees his sexuality to feel at peace with his body. Being able to show ourselves to another person after exploring how our bodies work is strictly necessary, the inner peace and balance that come from the knowledge or every characteristic of our minds and bodies is the only form of help we have in the moment when we approach to other human beings, more precisely when it comes to approaching to those we wanna share strong feelings with, like sexuality.

Being naked means showing our weaknesses, our strengths and beauties, knowing ourselves as much as possibile is useful so that the other person doesn’t overwhelm us.
Female masturbation instead doesn’t represent a necessary step according to our society, rarely girls during adolescence receive any advices on that.

Women are taught how to use a pad, what kind of make up to wear to look better , but rarely someone would tell a woman what it means to get to know her body, to know which aspects of sexuality she likes the most, she usually have to find out by herself, often feeling embarrassed about masturbation thinking she’s not allowed to have that, but directing ourselves in the act of love is one of the most beautiful acts of freedom we can experience.

The aim of my words is to push any woman to not be afraid, to admit that masturbation is an important part our lives, to not feel embarrassed when a man asks “do you masturbate?”. This question is usually followed by sentences like “my ex says she’s never done it” or “do you watch porn like us?”.
The answer is yes, women are exactly like men, but unfortunately in secret, they masturbate and watch porn and have personal fantasies.

It’s fundamental to question our body, know it, know for sure what we like to live an open sexuality free from all taboos.
In my opinion it’s one of those rare moments when everyone is really free to accumulate sensations and feelings that are useful to be in touch with pleasure.
– Stefania Pirrone