Production by Mulieris Magazine in collaboration with Nike Women.

Having a period can be a statement, wanna make a point? How do you experience your period, how does your body and mind reacts to it, what’s your main challenge? We tried the #NikeSync workout collection through our different bodies and needs to see how it could help us improve our relationship with our bodies and wellness. This collection, created in partnership with female athlete physiologist Stacy Sims, allows you to sync your training with your menstrual cycle. Starting on the first day of an athlete’s period, the program is built to maximize energy during the menstrual phase, build muscle in the lead up to ovulation, and provide restorative mobility and recovery during higher hormone levels. #nikewomen

Photography by Sara Lorusso

Graphics by Chiara Cognigni

Words by Greta Futura Langianni‏