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Anna Sanesi

About This Project

“In collaboration with: Leone”

It’s hard for me to explain what maternity meant to me. I gave birth to Leone when I was 20, and while my body was reborn for the better, emotionally and physically a deep change happened.
I chose freely, without fear or worries to keep Leone, even tho at the very beginning I didn’t intend to. It was a choose dictated by the instinct of my own body and mind, I figured in a moment that I had to do what I felt because that something that lived in my own body belonged to me and only to be belonged that choice.
Despite living alone my pregnancy, I got ( I don’t know where from) an incredible strength and energy that brought me today to try to raise Leone as a free, independent, curious and smart person.
My priority from day one has been seeing maternity as a duty to raise and educate a person, a very important concept for me.
It’s fundamental for me to recognize my son as a distinct person from myself, with his own character, nature, interests apart from me, despite how strong the bond between us is. Nowadays I’m working, trying to study and photograph, I have my private life and I see my friends during unconventional times, I trey to keep up my interests with Leone.
Having him doesn’t mean erasing everything else from my life, I want him to understand the importance of building yourself as a human being. In caos this is what maternity means to me.
In collaboration with: Leone” is a short project I’ve made joining his drawings his first photographs with something mine.”