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Body Mirror

About This Project

During my stay in Paris I’ve had the pleasure to meet Magdalena Lawniczak, the woman behind the project “Body mirror”.
I was kindly invited in her apartment where we had the chance to discuss her project, her story and the stories she’s photographed.

Magdalena, originally from Poland, moved to Paris around 6 years ago, after working as a fashion photographer for most of her time, around 2 years ago, her perception of what she wanted in life changed, she felt unsatisfied and could not really find a purpose in her work, connecting it to the impact the fashion industry has on the planet and on models.

“I was working with one of the most “beautiful” girls, the one we see in the magazines, the one presented to us as the ultimate beauty but I didn’t feel their shine.
Most of them are very insecure, many have eating disorders and body dysmorphia, some lost their period. All of it to meet the fashion standards.

I was also really not happy with clients depriving the body of human features, the knees, any wrinkle any “defect” must be erased.
This is were the body mirror was born. No posing, nor retouch, no special lighting. A true portrait of the body. I wanted to shoot different women, with any type of body. It was important to me to shoot women one on one, hear their stories.

I remember my first shoot the girl was radiating with confidence and truly loving herself. I wanted to show this as a message to other women. I want them to look at their reflection in the mirror and smile.”

Body mirror is an instagram platform that aims to spread body positivity, embracing all kind of body shapes based in Paris.
The photographs in this project are shot in natural light, they are intimate, raw, beautiful in their simplicity, the women are presented to us in a pure way, it’s just like looking at yourself in the mirror, just you, no make up, no retouch, no covering, no hiding.

In a society where Instagram is mostly used to create unreal body standards that drive women to think their bodies are wrong, body mirror wants to promote women who feel confident in their own natural bodies, no matter what size, no matter what color, no matter what are the differences, women who shine and can feel confident in their own skin.

This kind of platform helps to build a network, a safe place for women, a representation of sisterhood where girls are not put one close to another to be compared in a negative way but they are put together to prove how much of an impact we can have when we are united, to demonstrate that it’s better to create rather than destroy.

While having a tea together Magdalena started talking about how deep the connection with the person photographed gets and the impact this platform is having on people following it, the way some women feel related to what they see and read, someone once said to her “I feel like this picture hugged me” and Magdalena told me she prefers to hug people with her photographs rather than punch them.

Looking at that instagram account it’s easy to feel related to one of the many stories she shared, even hearing her own story made me realize that this is probably why Mulieris Magazine became so important to me, working myself as a fashion photographer for the past 5 years the concept of beauty i got to see was not really what i intended and I was (i still am not) never really able to understand how lives could be destroyed by those ideals society keeps pushing on women.

Find more on: @body_mirror