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Cara Odow

About This Project

Cara O’Dowd is an Australian photographer working commercially in the fashion industry. Cara’s images are feminine and strong. She is interested in the concept of female identity and this theme is frequently repeated in her work. She also enjoys the challenge of scouting for unique locations and often shoots in wide scale, blurring the lines between portraiture and landscape photography.

Cara treats lighting as a second medium, harnessing it evoke a unique brand of nostalgia that marks her work. This lighting precision has its roots in learning to shoot in 5×4 transparency with no room for error. Her fascination with photography sparked in childhood. Her grandfather, a press photographer, encouraged her interest and, from the age of seven, her weekends were spent shooting sports events and learning the tools of the trade in the darkroom.

After graduating from her Commercial Photography degree, Cara headed to the UK where she assisted well known fashion photographers including Craig McDean and Jason Bell. She’s now based in Sydney but regularly travels between Australia, LA and New York. Clients describe the atmosphere on Cara’s sets as fun, relaxed and focused, and her empathetic direction draws out the best in her models.

About the project “We Are Women”

I am intrigued by the notion that what we see in photographs are presented to us through the eye of the photographer, their point of view, their perspective, their aspirations even… not always our own truth.
More often than not we are shown things through a mans lens, mans perspective.
Women bodies are often presented to us as an aspirational image. I wanted to show them as the fabric, a story, a soul. I wanted to show a cross section of ages, shapes, stories in a beautiful eye catching way. I wanted the image to make women feel great.

The shoot day was a powerful and uplifting experience. Each and every woman had nothing but love and admiration for one an-others bodies, they were in awe of the beauty in each others differences, however when it came to their own bodies they seemingly couldn’t see the beauty in their own differences. They still had a preconceived idea of what they thought their own bodies should look like.

Find more on: CARA@CARAODOWD.COM @caraodowd