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About This Project

Daytona Lamade is a Virginia-based photographer creating women’s portraits on 35mm film. Her work aims to cultivate a deep appreciation for the raw female form, collective feminine experience and the rich narrative of each of her subjects.

“I’ve been photographing people since I was 15 years old and have fine-tuned my process a thousand times over to be able to confidently tell you this:
when we work together, I will give you all of the direction, encouragement and energy you need to feel truly comfortable being photographed.

I love working with truly powerful women, to collaborate on shifting feminine representation away from the male gaze. It’s the greatest privilege of my life to be able to capture bits and pieces of the feminine experience to show women how extraordinary they are.”

“Having photographed dozens of women over the last year, I want these portraits to dig deeper than the notion that “bodies come in all shapes and sizes.” We are more than our bodies: we are more than our shapes and more than our sizes- we are peaks and valleys, rivers, forests and oceans, mountains and moons. We are physical and metaphysical, grounded and intuitive, soft and strong. We are everything. Being photographed is a grounding experience to pay tribute to the space you hold in this world. These portraits recognize how hard you’ve worked to become yourself. They see and celebrate your beauty, your body, your energy, your experience and your humanity. Womanhood is equal parts soft and strong and raw and honest, and I want every piece of our time together to reflect that. My approach is different from other boudoir photographers.”

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