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Domenica Garcia

About This Project

Doménica García is an Ecuadorian video and performance artist based in New York.
She spent her early years in Mexico City and moved to New York, in order pursue her Filmmaking studies at the School of Visual Arts.
Her work dives into a process of introspection, decomposing the personal and discovering the universal. With the use of an hyperbolic language and the juxtaposition of the radical and the ordinary, she gives greater relevance to the day-to day experience.
Her most recent work includes: “Corazón Entristecido” a performance, video and installation presented at the Queens Art Intervention and the Queens Museum.

“The theme of “Shape” currently resonates with my work, I’ve been exploring the relationship between the body and geometry. I have two pieces that fit the theme for June’s issue. The first one explores the desire to break from the confinement of a “geometric shape”, which in this case represents the expectations of what a body should be. The metallic cube wraps around the body representing how the individual is trapped by society and through movement I explore the desire to break free, find fluidity and move around confinement. The second piece, with the iridescent cube explores my relationship to a “perfect” or ideal structure.
In opposition to the first piece it explores a desire to find similarities with the perfection of this shape and to some extent morph into it. The pieces reaches a climax where the performer discovers that despite the similarities it is impossible to fully embody the perfection of geometry.”

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