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About This Project

Gughi is a clothing brand handmade by Elisa Bettagli. The word Gughi comes from her child’s nickname. “Gughi changed my life or well he changed my plans. At 17 I was convinced that being a mother wasn’t my thing, at 18 I became one and today, looking back I think that’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I started painting my first t-shirts for him and I never thought it would become my job. Now Gughi is not just painting on clothes but it’s also sartorial customized clothings, it’s the idea of a unique object I create for each costumer. With my story I aim to destroy two common thoughts: Having a child at a young age is not a disgrace. Being a mother doesn’t mean giving up a job career. Because yes, children take your time and energy but they also give you strength and inspiration… children make us richer and I’m deeply sure about that.”
“When in kindergarten girls proudly show me they are wearing my creations I feel like the designer I wanted to be when I was I child” 

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