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Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

About This Project

“Growing up”

Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen (1994) is interested in the intersection between painting and photography and works with reflections and collage to create surreal effects in her photographs: “The photograph is a medium that is regularly used to portray reality. When seeing a photograph we therefore oftentimes presume it to be trustworthy and real. In my works I aim to play with this sense of reality that we relate to the photograph by distorting the objects and space within the picture frame. With these effects I aim to surprise and confuse and leave one with the question of what is real.” Conceptually her works often deal with identity and the subconscious self affected by and interrelated to the surrounding world.

“Growing up” is based on photos from our family album, which I have reinterpreted by creating collages with my own photography and artistic eye. It is a collaborative story about me and my close family members told through the eyes of my father and I, as he has taken most of the pictures in our family album.

By creating the series I am rediscovering pieces of my childhood personality as well as remembering moments from a joyful, fearless, and light-hearted childhood in a world that with the eye’s of a young adult seem fragile and unpredictable.