Joanne Leah - Mulieris magazine
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Joanne Leah

About This Project

“When I was a child, I would explore the woods behind my house. I ventured alone, following a small creek. One winter day, I deviated from my usual path. As I walked, I heard a man shout. A pack of barking dogs ran toward me. I immediately dropped to the snowy ground and pretended to be dead. I held my breath. The dogs surrounded me, sniffed and snorted. I had never felt that kind of fear before, the fear of being eaten alive.”

“I look at these images and wonder if this is the human condition, an impression of our own stigma. The shapes embody, within a body, a compulsion to leave a mark. Something in me integrates with that mark, recognizing it in myself, and thrills in the documentation of this vulnerable unifying act.”

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