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Marisol Mendez

About This Project

“Celestial Bodies”

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Marisol Mendez’s interest in photography developed from her love for films and her keenness to observe the (often surreal) world around her. Her work is emotionally driven and often deals with the dynamics between immediacy and intimacy. From a fleeting encounter with a stranger on the underground to the intricacies of a love affair, what is at the core of her images is the relationship she establishes with the subject.

Marisol believes that good storytelling transcends medium and format and is not concerned with image hierarchies. As a result, her pieces combine lo-fi procedures with sophisticated photographic techniques. Her whimsical compositions are fresh, comical, and full of narrative intrigue.
She is a recent MA Fashion Photography graduate from London College of Fashion.

In my work I often resort to visual analogies. The combined elements of the medium and its many processes help create a larger narrative and lead to engaging visual storytelling. Pairing images also results in broader interpretations of the themes presented. How does the meaning of the image change in the presence of another image? Is the metamorphosis physical or metaphysical ?

The photographs in Celestial Bodies oscillate between candid and staged, naturalistic and surreal. In them, the human body is contextualized by elements of nature. The parallels are playful explorations imbued with a slight cheekiness (pun intended). Sometimes these draw a parallel between nature’s freshness, abundance and will to power, sometimes they expose the contrast between bloom and wither. The compositions tell you very little but show you fragments of a larger story. It’s in this scrutiny of the micro and macro that the viewer must intercede to figure out what is at stake.

In an era where it’s easier to be nude than to stand naked, I wanted to give the body a space to be contemplated and reflected upon.


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this is an exercise in minimalism
to strip a person of its identity
to let a (body) part represent a body
to mix heavenly bodies with celestial ones to blow up
to cut and layer
(I didn’t have scissors)
to repurpose to rethink
Phallic skies
the architecture of the skin
dents and marks and scars
dust scratches and filth
silly or erotic
this is a think tank of concocted analogies an atom
– and
its anatomy