Meg Lionel Murphy - Mulieris magazine
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Meg Lionel Murphy

About This Project

Meg’s nights are spent at her drawing desk. Her days are divided between working as the Art + Story director of Pollen and volunteering as editor in chief of Paper Darts.

About the project

It is hard to remember the girl i was before in my twenties. A bad marriage, rooted in severe domestic violence obliterated a connection to my younger self. I feel like I died in that marriage. And every day outside of it is my afterlife. Currently I am painting my understanding of secular heaven on earth: open spaces where women roam huge in nature, leaning on each other and slowly building a new world in their image. I find peace in painting, and in asking questions to myself. Painting allows me to rip through the gauzy veil cast upon scary ideas like girlhood, femininity, marriage, and domesticity. Maybe if i create an imaginary world it will be a safe space to explore the real one. So over past few years I’ve compulsively painted heartbroken women that magically grow larger, stronger, and scarier than the world around them. As the paintings grow in number, I grow just a little larger, stronger and scarier too.

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