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About This Project

“Slow touch and blue skies”
Mitikafe is a photographer and visual artist based in Italy.
Her work explores the relationship between photography, sexuality and digital. Through soft colors and self-portraits she attempts to create a parallel world in which there are no limits in exploring ourselves and others.

“The project “slow touch and blue skies” is a visual exploration on fear of being photographed. It’s an attempt to create an empty space where you get to isolate yourself in order to investigate your body, fear, sexuality and discomfort with your own self.
The various shapes that the body assumes thanks to gestures, movements and positions are the beginning of my research to find a connection with myself.

In order to isolate myself from the surrounding environment i could only use the one purest thing that belonged to me and grew with me trough the years: my body.
I’ve tried to photograph my body and appreciate the most delicate things, the roughest ones, the ones i loved, the ones i hated about it. While i was shooting it i started thinking about all the shapes that our body can assume, realizing what a powerful means it is.

I’ve been working on this project for three years now and every time i switch on my camera i keep finding new shapes, aspects and colors. The body can become massive and imposing and then go back to its smallest form, it can be cold or warm, even in the same picture.
Every time my body is still mine but it keeps looking different to me. It’s like if, step by step, my body talked to me by taking new shapes and reveling me new concepts that i was ignoring before.”