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Nina Sever

About This Project

I’m a director and screenwriter, also analogue photographer born in Kazakhstan and based in London. I have also been a nude model for many years and that’s one of the reasons I felt like exploring the other side of the lens. The abuse of power in the photo industry and fine-art has reached embarrassing levels and I needed to step forward and show that every woman can and should stand her ground when it comes to boundaries, to let them know they are not alone, to expose those who use photography for harassment, power abuse and manipulation.

My focus is to express myself through visual arts, using different tools and I am mostly concentrating on self-portraits for personal research until I’m ready to step forward and show somebody else through my lens. I often wonder if we would have the same personality if we had different bodies, so it is really important to represent different kinds of beauty.

I am actively working towards breaking stigmas and taboos in sex; photography and film are the best way to express that safely.

Nudity is beauty, and no one will take it away until we keep creating and talking and supporting each other.

Female masturbation