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About This Project


“Growing up in a place where everything advances every day, I find peace in creating images that break down my thoughts on the process of this growing world. I like to incorporate surreal concepts that float in my head and place them in the context of reality – a break from true reality by turning it into a fantasy. A way we don’t see things happen in real life, to see reality in a different way. My work acts as a reflection of my personal thoughts of the world around me. Text, video, image and animations are some of the mediums I use to convey my thoughts and ideas to the public. I am deeply influenced by the moving world – The speed at which people talk, walk, how cars move and beep, watching buildings get constructed – the sounds of metal hitting the grounds, this speed is what inspires me and my work. My work is a mirror of my incoherent thoughts of the world, due to its rapid growth and lack of time to understand its process.”

Redgrits is a 19 year old Artist from Southern India, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The work transcribes her personal feelings of holistic loneliness and mixed emotions into abstract shapes. The pieces aim to convey a feeling of “Abstraction” of human identity – where we lose our humanistic qualities due to modern day developments and isolation. A world where we have become emotionless objects just like the machines, structures and objects around us. @redgrits