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Sara Lorusso

About This Project

Female masturbation is still a topic that embarrasses people. It’s a taboo, much more than it is for men. Man has among his fundamental growing steps the practice of self pleasure, it’s something stable and regular, by themselves and in group as well. For women it’s different: the first contact with pleasure often happens by the other person and if she practices self pleasure before losing virginity it’s usually done in secret.
One of the most valid reasons is surely the belief that masturbation is like the substitute for a pleasure that only your partner can give you.
In recent years, the sex toys trade has tripled, on the internet you can choose from hundreds of products, different by model, color and price. The materials are among the most varied: silicone, latex, plastic, PVC etc …
Many doctors explain that in most of these products there are phthalate-type plasticizers, defined by the scientific community “endocrine and carcinogenic interferers”. In addition to harming our health, the damage is more serious in the case of pregnancy, in fact exposure to endocrine disruptors can lead to an altered sexual development of the child. The advice is to buy products not based on cost, but by documenting and using it with the utmost cleanliness.
Lots of sexologists and psychologists have proved that female masturbation is fundamental to discover our body, to know what we like and what we don’t and treasure it and share it with the one you love, whoever he/she is.
It also helps balancing hormones and keeps the genital tract healthy.
It’s good to know that pleasure releases hormones like endorphins that help keeping mental and physical balance.
Sara Lorusso

Female masturbation