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Sara Ricciardi

About This Project

Tuesday 18 June, 10.15 am in the Sara Ricciardi studio. Sara prepares a ginger tea and two long coffees. Between one cherry and another we begin to discover his home studio. Who is Sara? Born in Benevento / 30 years ago / eating pomegranates / drawing on walls / running in the fields / stories of witches / Greek theater and street / unexpected encounters / Milan / New Academy of Fine Arts / cascades of books / obsessive curiosity / great trainer of nocturnal and parmesan coffees for lunch / possibility researcher / a life in Turkey / and another life in New York / daily loves / Set designer / Concept & Brainstorming / Product designer / artistic residencies / teacher of Social Design and relational practices at NABA / lecturer at DOMUS ACADEMY / conducting international workshops / lover of Chaos and Creative Director / chooses Milan / today defines herself “camparda” / committed 24 hours in building new gates and visions. She started working in the field of product design, but She always had this idea that he wanted to expand her research by touching the spaces, the installations, in which she feels she envelops people. Sara tells us about the revolution of her home and her new studio. “From lights to toilet, I restructure everything” Her new studio is right in front of her home. It will be inspired by the imaginary science of pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions. “I come from the theater, so I like to experiment, to find solutions together. I imagine a dynamic, fresh and colorful interior. I think the color is my husband. At least for a self-referential project, in which my person must come out. ” Are you meticulous and orderly? I work only and exclusively in a situation of chaos, it is after ordering, I can’t think without experimenting. Without an initial chaos, in which a component of randomness enters, I could not work. Now they asked me about shop windows in Milan, by chance I ran into surrealism and joined the project. It’s a meeting, I let things happen. ! Does the customer leave you free card when contacting you to work together? It depends, some say you do it! The customer is always a little confused in their idea, when they call you it’s because they like your story. ! Sara proposes to accompany her to buy flowers, she always goes to the flower market in Via Cesare Lombroso. It is open from Monday to Friday until 12 and we have to leave in a hurry otherwise it closes. We get into the van, a designer cannot live without a van in Milan. Whatever I load it up: 10 dogs, a bed … Anything. Sara is looking for flowers to shoot her last vases, the shooting would have been the same night. “In this period I am working a lot, I use it at night or to take my items or to clean up my life.” As soon as we enter the market everyone greets her and calls her by name. Let’s start by looking at different species of flowers, from colorful to solid colors. I feel in paradise: Sunflowers, Iris, Anthirium of everything and more. Sara actually noticed immediately the flowers she would like to buy, “the most beautiful in Milan” according to the florist. Do you collect any particular object? I collect dried flowers, I really like the way they die, in Italy we are very afraid of death, compared to other cultures. While the flowers can hold a poem even from the dead: so that a dead amaranth looks like a coral. Upcoming projects? One of the next projects will be on shells, I saw this painting from the 1600s with shells and still life: from the shells flowers bloomed as a symbol of fertility. All the shells I have represent a search for conchigliume of at least two years.