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Urszula Kluz Knopek

About This Project

“Queen mother”

Queen mother:

I have lived all my life on the outskirts of a small village, fully benefiting from the opportunities of my location. I work in silence and concentration, I live with what I grow (I have a garden and animals). My projects so far have been solitary and self-oriented. It’s related to where I live and how i’ve lived (in one multigenerational home). Maybe that’s why i often include my family (parents, child, my animals) in my projects.

For many years I have been working on a series of photographs that tackles the themes of nature and culture in a personal, family oriented way from the perspective of a rural dweller. I am very interested in the subject matter of the body, as a biological miracle, where in the miracle I also consider its twilight.
“Queen mother” refers to the end of human life, which I try to treat as a value in itself, as opposed to infantilizing, retouching, as evidenced by the terms “second youth”. For me the end of life is part of life, not the opposite situation. Thats why on the pictures there’s my mother, but my mother is also symbol of mother nature. Nature for me is an idea, where death and life are one.

Other projects related to the theme:

Mother: link

The mother (me) and the adolescent son (him), people who try to describe their intimate relation. It is not a sentimental story of a mother being in love with her child (who is transforming into an adult), but it is an attempt to bow down to a person. It is a story about the hyper-realistic and unconditioned desire to commune. The project is an attempt to describe the total love, the state in which a person who loves disappears within the other

person. On the picture we can see my son with a mask made from my hair. http://eng.adija.pl/portfolio/mother/ = mother

Keep away from fire link

This installation directly concerns “passing”. We pass through and cross spans of installation made of hundreds innocent infants’ clothes to reach one point. This point is covered with clothes, inapproachable picture on the clean, white wall. When we think everything is clear, we turn around to leave the exhibition and suddenly we can notice the reflection of the image we were looking at but the clothes are frame of the picture and passing through the door becomes entering the picture.
I realize that the core of this work is situated on the joints of the edge, reflections and passages. That is why I try to arrange the installation taking under consideration passing through, entering between and coming, still remembering about continuous search of joints. The whole journey is to lead the looker-on to the main question if everything we saw was really an exposure or maybe just a cover of the problem. http://eng.adija.pl/portfolio/keep-away-from-fire/ – keep blabla