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Noemi Vola e Martina Tonello

About This Project

“Non mi piace” “I don’t like it”

“I don’t like when it’s too late to have breakfast, waiting in line, paid parking lots, Istrici’s books out of the catalogue, my birthday.
I don’t like things that must be useful, fines, stamps, inspectors, bouncers and angry cops. I don’t like when I don’t have enough time, saying goodbye at the train station, first class, having a cold and all the attempts to make it go away.

I don’t like happy endings, i prefer the ones where you don’t know how it ends.
I don’t like the fact that aliens haven’t showed up yet because I would have loved to go away with them at least more than three times so far, I don’t like to be late at the movie theater, that they still haven’t translated all Moomin’s books, who steals bicycles, who always says no, who always says yes and who never knows where he stands, and I don’t like to do things I don’t want to do even if eventually I still do it anyway.

I don’t like cinnamon, sugar in coffee, mint with chocolate, supermarkets, tv, losing things, insomnia, private beaches, September, nail polish, red wine, purple, even if I used to love it.
I don’t even like orange, besides when it’s next to pink. I don’t like excuses, explanations, labels, new year’s eve, Christmas, Christmas’ lights and Santa Claus, winter in Turin, even if sometimes it’s snowing.

I don’t like to tie my shoes, walk on a wet floor, say too often “anyway”, forget to water my plants, search for the right key to open the door, wait to cross the road, red traffic lights when i’m in a hurry and green traffic lights when you’d rather be two days late.
I don’t like the end of what I like, but it comes anyway when and how it wants; and I don’t like to forget things, that’s why I always write them everywhere”