The editorial content, produced by Mulieris Magazine in collaboration with YSpot, featured in Issue 02.

Y spot, or (Y), it’s an Italian brand dedicated to sexual wellness, especially women’s. A new reality with a distinctive and diverse aesthetic serving a clear mission: normalizing female masturbation and promoting an open and free dialogue on sexual matters.

Q: How does it feel to be an Italian sex toy brand in 2020, moment in which, in our country, the subject of self-pleasure is (unfortunately) still a taboo?

Y: Actually that’s exactly the main reason why we decided to enter the market of sexual wellness with a focus on Italy, and that’s because it’s important that in 2020 those matters are to be addressed and discussed openly and without shame. Sexual pleasure has been recognized as a human right from the World Health Organization, so it’s about time its research normalizes. Self-pleasure it’s not a lower form of sexuality, but one of the many pillar of a reach and conscious sexual life. What’s still lacking in many countries is a decent sex education. Today’s manner of addressing the subject seems to only be prevention; we talk about sex in terms of risks, and with a negative tone. It’s thus mandatory to add a positive pedagogical component to support individual sexual growth.

Photography by Sara Lorusso